Enter the world of self-driving robots with TR1

Autonomous machines for parcel handling

From our experience comes the best solution for your automation needs in logistics and intralogistics processes.

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Strengths of TR1


The robot is able to work around the clock, extremely simple to set up


Built to ensure long life and high performance with reduced recharge times

Small footprint

Small size and high adaptability help optimize internal logistics


Simplified maintenance thanks to quick battery replacement

Modules and features of our TR1 integrated robot

We have created the solution TR1 combining the best products available on the market in order to make your choice even easier. From our experience the best solution for your automation needs. Each module has been carefully chosen according to particular characteristics and application needs, so as to increase working efficiency:
  • UR10e. With the 25% more lifting capacity

    TR1 consists of Universal Robot's UR10e, an extraordinarily versatile collaborative industrial robot, offering both a high payload (12.5 kg) and a long reach (1300 mm), making it suitable for a wide range of applications in machine maintenance, palletizing and packaging. Easy setup with Polyscope teach pendant and graphical user interface.

  • MiR 250. To increase performance and productivity

    The MiR 250 is a more flexible AMR that can work around the clock and is brilliantly simple to set up, for improved productivity. Its smaller footprint and greater adaptability help optimize internal logistics without changing the layout. The MiR250 has a footprint of 580 x 800mm and a height of just 30cm, while being able to move up to 250kg at a speed of 2 meters per second. Thanks to its small footprint, it can drive in tight spaces.

  • Basic cobots. Integration system made in todrobot

    The TR CASE integration system represents the junction point between mobile and collaborative robotics. Designed to easily integrate the MIR series mobile robots and the Universal Robots series collaborative robots, it allows you to easily replace the hardware and equipment on board according to your needs, allowing you to quickly achieve return on investment (ROI). Its strengths are:

  • Gripping + AI Viewer. Compact electric vacuum gripper with integrated viewer

    The compact electric vacuum gripper Smart Gripper with integrated vacuum generator allows an extremely flexible configuration according to application needs. The Smart Gripper features two independently controlled air channels, allowing it to act as a double gripper with grip and release in the same action, further increasing efficiency and reducing cycle time. With no compressor or air supply required, this compact electric gripper is easy to move, and its simple programming makes it quick and easy to reposition for greater production flexibility.

  • HMI Totems. Charging base with integrated touch screen LCD display

    The control interface in the charging base has an integrated LCD touch screen display. Its small size allows it to be easily placed even in the smallest spaces. Inside the recharging base there are the hardware and software necessary to control the operation of the TR1 such as: battery recharge percentage, current mission, position and much more.

  • Edge Servers. Industrial computer for data processing

    The strong point to make the most of processing speed and cyber security, the data is located on the Cobot itself and is processed locally thanks to our EDGE SERVER.

Best in class.
No compromises

We have created the solution TR1 combining the best products available on the market in order to make your choice even easier. From our experience the best solution for your automation needs.

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The advantages of TR1 to automate your company

Collaborative robots TR1 they are extremely cost effective, safe and flexible.

  • Optimization of production processes

    Reduction of time and errors in order processing which results in work efficiency and cost reduction.

  • Production process adaptability

    By replacing the tools you can adapt the system to your production process. It can carry out picking & placing from shelves and workstations by reprogramming it according to future needs.

  • Workspace adaptability

    It does not require structural modifications and masonry works of the warehouse. Adaptable to future changes in the warehouse working area.

Solutions and industrial sectors

Each industry has unique challenges and there isn't an industry that we don't have an answer for with our todrobot system.



Businesses are using collaborative robots to adapt and grow, even in challenging times. In nearly every industry, cobots are taking on new tasks, helping companies stay competitive and keeping workers safe.


Application fields:


  • Assembly (screwing, inserting pieces)
  • Dispensing (gluing, sealing, painting)
  • Finishing (Smoothing, Polishing)
  • Material handling (Packaging, palletizing, picking)
  • Material removal (Grinding, deburring, milling, drilling)
Automotive and subcontractors

Add flexibility and safety to your automotive production

Furniture and equipment

Reduce injuries caused by handling dangerous products

Precision electronics

Adjust, fit and tighten elements on PCB boards with precision

Chemist and pharmaceutical

Designed to meet accuracy, precision and hygiene requirements

Medical and cosmetics

Supervisory tasks and quality processes are even more relevant in this area of application

Mechanics and metallurgy

TR1 improves the quality and quantity of production in the metallurgical and mechanical processing sector

Plastic and polymers

It can be used in all production stages of the plastics industry, including PCB loading and unloading projects

Scientific and research

TR1 offers automated solutions that improve and facilitate the production processes of the sector

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